History of Flymo

Flymo is a manufacturer of hedge trimmer, leaf blowers, garden vacs, lawn mowers and lawn rakes. Flymo is one of the most recognized names when it comes to gardening tools and mowers and is unrivalled in its innovation and development of its garden machinery and accessories. The distinctive shade of orange can be seen in the summer months keeping the nation’s lawns in peak condition.

Swedish lawnmower manufacturer Karl Dahlman first took to inventing the famous ‘hover mower’ after taking inspiration from the invention of the hovercraft in 1964 by Sir Christopher Cockerell. The first line of hover mowers was produced and went on sale in 1965.

The hover mower’s air cushion is produced by an internal fan which draws air in through ducts at the top of the mower, the air is then pushed down by the fan thus creating high pressure under the mower and producing lift. Ingeniously the blades are attached to the fan which cuts the grass while it rotates. Hover mowers are renowned for their movability and ease of use making them ideal for the older gardener. Hover mowers are also lighter and easier to store than conventional lawnmowers.

Flymo’s hover mowers were an immediate success due to the innovative way the mower cut the lawn, which was revolutionary at the time. The hover mower made grass cutting easier and less time consuming compared with traditional mowers, which made them an instant hit amongst gardeners.

During the 1970s the company continued to grow and eventually started manufacturing in its UK Durham plant, where their headquarters are still currently based. The trademark orange colour only appeared in 1977 before that the products were blue and white.

The 1980s saw Flymo launch a new range of electric wheeled mowers known as the Chevron Range these mowers were aimed at gardeners who wanted the traditional striped lawn look achieved by traditional lawnmowers but also appreciated all the benefits of a modern electric mower.

In The 1990s the company’s focus switched to gardening tools, Flymo’s gardening vac went on sale in 1993. The garden vac is an indispensable part of the modern gardener’s arsenal making the arduous task of clearing autumn leaves less taxing.  Today the top of the range Garden Vac 2700 can even collect wet leaves which are then shredded ready for composting.

Robotic lawn mowers were the introduction in 2013, now you can sit back and soak up the sun while your mower makes its way across your garden. The science behind the robotic lawn mower is always based on keeping the lawn at the optimal length, it does this by cutting the grass regularly. The process produces small clippings are then deposited back on to the lawn where they are quickly absorbed back into the grass. When the robotic mower has finished it returns to its charging station automatically where it charges ready for the next time.

Today Flymo is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power tools and gardening machinery, Flymo is the biggest brand in the Husqvarna group which is based in Sweden and has over 10,000 employees spread over 40 countries.

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